Monday, December 1, 2014

Embroidery Stabilizer Scrap Use Tip

       Do you have scraps of stabilizer left over from all your machine embroidery?  Here is one use of scraps, especially the heavy stabilizer.  Sometimes there are quilt pieces we just can't really rotary cut from blocks and strips. So use scraps to trace and make a pattern of those pieces. 

       Also, works well for doll patterns, especially Barbie doll size.

You might want to check out how you can reuse your stabilizer here.

Can you think of any other uses for scraps of stabilizer or interfacing?

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  1. Great tip, Joy. I keep the smallest pieces of stabiliser and interfacing for tracing patterns.

  2. What a great idea! Thanks!
    No more Barbie clothes for me! I made a few 25 years ago, never again!!
    Now American Girl size, we can talk about that! lol
    Here from Purfylle's Earth DAy.

  3. I used to try to use up all the scraps, but I even using them for patterns and such I would never get through them.


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