Monday, March 6, 2017

Memory Mon 41 ~ Making Beach Memories

@ Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA
I haven't read a complete book for a couple of years.
My reading time is researching ideas & checking out blog friends' posts on the internet and social media.
This winter I decided to take a break from sewing and enjoy some reading time.
I'm a "Gone with the Wind" fan,
so when I found this book for 25 cents I grabbed it.
You have to have read "Gone with the Wind," to read this book
 as it refers often to events that happened in that book.

So most days it's been warm enough and I wouldn't get sand blasted, 
I headed to my reading spot.

I do get distracted occasionally.

I love this time of the year and during the middle of the week to be on the beach
because very few people are on the beach.
So I know later on this year,
I will have memories of these days of reading on the beach.

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