Monday, January 5, 2015

Upcycled Shirt- Christmas Card Pillow

I brought home several of my Mother's clothing with the intent to make memory quilts.  However, there were some Christmas shirts I decided to turn into seasonal pillow covers. This one I made for my sister. Turns out she actually bought the shirt for Mother, therefore had more special meaning to her.

Forgot to get a picture of the shirt before I started the project.
It had a small stamped picture on the front.
Some light stains on the bottom of the shirt, so turned up bottom.
I left the hem intact.
Added the same green Christmas tree fabric to bottom and top to create size of pillow form.
 Pillow cover is made in "Envelope" fashion
Tip: I use my washing machine"s "Sanitize" cycle before using second hand pillows as my pillow forms.
Do the triangle trees look familiar?
They are just like the ones on these Christmas Cards.
Serendipity happened with this project.
I turned up the bottom to cover stains.
After completed, I realized the pillow had pockets!
Great place to put those Christmas cards!

I was tempted to keep this pillow, but it was part of my Christmas gift to my sister.
I hope she enJOYs it.

Thanks to the FREE programs:
possibly used for this post
GIMP for cropping & other digital effects
 Photoscape for downsizing & watermarking photo
PicMonkey creating collages used on this page


  1. What a beautiful way to preserve a memory, sure your sister will love it! ~Diane

  2. Very pretty and unique. I have decided I'm sending Christmas cards next year. I used to have so much fun with it and now it's a dying tradition.

    Visiting from God's Growing Garden Train hop.

  3. What a cute idea! Great way to be creative! I'm sure she will love it :) Thanks for linking up at WW!

  4. What a lovely idea! I am sure your sister absolutely adores it! Thank you for stopping by and linking-up with us on the Oh My Heartsie Girls Wordless Wednesday!
    Wishing you a beautiful week!
    Much love,
    Lysa xx

  5. A lovely idea, Joy. I'm sure your slster loves it, especially given that she gave the shirt initially to your Mother.

  6. love it what a cute way to share your Christmas cards
    come see us at

  7. Oh wow, this is fabulous. I bet your sister was thrilled with this thoughtful gift. Xx

  8. What a wonderful idea! Such a lovely way to remember her as well. So glad your sister liked it! xx

  9. What a great idea Joy! The new cushion looks great - and I love that it has another use as a Christmas Card Holder!! Thanks for linking up to our 12 Days of Christmas DIY Challenges!

  10. A lovely way to upcycle a shirt and preserve memories at the same time :)

  11. Lovely, and a great memory gift for your sister! Love the pockets ;)


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