Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Foto #9 ~ Nest Shopping

Yesterday, Ms. Red Robin had decided to build her nest on top of a wooden wreath I had hanging on a light fixture under the eve of the house on the deck.    I really don't care for the mess, so I took the beginnings of her nest down and put them on the deck chair.
This morning in the pouring rain, she decided on a new place and started "shopping" for her construction pieces for her nest.  She used her old pieces.
In about 2 hours, all during the pouring rain, she had taken all the pieces from the chair and the deck floor.
The rain had finally stopped, and she was peacefully in her new nest location.
The OTHER light fixture!
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  1. How cool! I hope it works out for her!

  2. Great photos Joy, love the story too. ~Diane

  3. Sweet post! Fortunately, my robins are building their nest in a tree near my house instead of ON my house somewhere! One year I discovered them in one of my hanging baskets as I was watering my plants!

  4. Love how they find a place no matter where!

  5. Hi. Good work Ms Robin and she looked very content on her new nest. Great series of shots

  6. Great shots of the Robin and nest! I love the last shot!


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