Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Foto #10 ~ My Favorite Flower? RED

Yes, I love any flower that's red.  Something about red contrasting with the green maybe?

     Some friends and family have asked me about the cameras that Mr. G and I use.  I thought I'd do some shot comparison between the two. Although, it may not be a fair comparison because I took the Nikon shots at 2pm and it was 6:30 that I realized little Canon hadn't taken pictures of the red tulips. So light is a bit different.  Don't ask me about iso settings and such.  Haven't self-taught myself yet.
      So the picture above and next few are
 Nikon D-60 shots
w/ 55-200 mm lens

Take notice of the open flower, then compare to last shot on this post.

 The next few shots were taken by a
 Canon Power Shot SX 260 HS
 w/ 20x zoom lens.

         Remember the tulip you looked at above that was wide open at 2 pm.  This is the same flower at 6:30.  I always thought tulips bloomed out for only a day and when they were wide open it was about the end of their time.  Guess not.  All the tulips had closed up for the day.

None of the pictures above were altered in anyway.

It's harder for me to hold the little Canon steady, because I can only used the view window to find my shot.  It doesn't have an eye view finder, like the Nikon only has, which helps me stabilize the camera better when I have it against my head.

Remember it's not Canon's fault its pictures are not as bright and have a cooler color affect.  That's because it was about an hour before sundown. 

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  1. All of these from both cameras are all stunning! ~Diane

    1. Thanks so much Diane. Means a lot from a lady who notices details.

  2. Beautiful shots! Nice bright red! Nikon and Canon do reproduce colors differently and some pros choose one or the other based on that. The difference in sensor sizes of the two cameras can also play a role.

  3. All the photos are beautiful. I really love the tulips against the tree bark!

  4. Can't comment about the camera (I'm not there yet in my photography - have only my phone) but the detail is amazing. Did you notice the little spider web in several of the shots? And no, I did not know tulips closed at night. Our haven't even thought about pushing up from the ground yet but when they do, I will make a point to look at them at night.

  5. The absolute vivid redness on some of these pictures make them almost look erotic!!!


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