Sunday, March 2, 2014

Scavenger Hunt 3-2-14

Unusual Crop
in Indiana on our Covered Bridge Trip
Probably not the "crop" term expected.
Isn't Sunflowers an "unusual crop" to raise?
Iowa State Capital
Look even closer for details.
On the Ground
Green River Dam, Kentucky
 Blooper (or shot where things didn't go as planned)
 Mesker Park, Evansville, IN
Not a blooper but a shot that didn't go as planned for the good.
enJOYed how the background complimented.  The joys of a DLSR camera.
Northern Indiana, Quilt Garden Tour

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  1. Beautiful photo set. Love the inside of the capitol dome. Have a blessed Sunday.

  2. I totally, and completely adore your version of crop, because I thought that way too, (out of the usual norm is really fun to see) but gosh darn it, all I have around here are snowy, hidden crops of anything! Your details (as well as all of your other photos) are perfect.

  3. What a beautiful State Capitol rotunda you have!

  4. Growing up, sunflowers would have seemed like an odd crop but with sunflower oil being "heart healthy", it no longer is. The shot of the capital is both sunning and unusual. I never would have thought to take it like that but it's perfect! Beautiful colored flowers.

  5. Great photos for the scavenger hunt! I love the covered bridge with the sunflowers!

  6. all very nice shots and I like your take on the first one. very clever on your part

  7. These are all fantastic, but I really like the first one! It's hard to beat a covered bridge! Beautiful colors in the last shot!

  8. that crop of sunflowers are gorgeous! a friend tried to grow some for a wedding and they were not as successful! i am not much for tours of important buildings except for the beautiful details!!! i am always amazed... and i wish today's building were as beautiful!

  9. Your photos are all so nice and clear. I love the sunflowers. I have been to the Covered Bridge Festival in October, but I was more focused on shopping all the sales than on the bridges and the vegetation. Your blooper shot is so pretty. Nice color at the Quilt Tour.

  10. Such bright and beautiful photos Joy, I love the blooper best! ~Diane


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