Sunday, March 30, 2014

Comparing Spring ~ 2011 to 2014

Time has really gone fast the past 4 years!
I've been taking pictures every March 27 to see how things have changed.  This year was a windy, low 50°F cloudy day.  

 We did lose part of a tree last year in a not so strong wind.  The tree was on the neighbor's side and did fall on the neighbors side.  Thank-you.

         We did have far more snow this past winter.  As agonized as we have been about the winter lasting forever, really it is not much different than last year.  As you can see the pictures comparing this year and last year show little difference in height of flowers and greenery.  Both years were pretty bleak.  Matter of fact, both years we had a snow on March 25!  The snow did go away faster last year and warm up much faster.  We've only had maybe 4 days that have reached the low 60°F mark.  Next week promises to kiss the 70 mark. 
 You might want to check out the previous year's posts:
Really enJOYed that 2012 March with the 70°F avg!

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  1. Very nice comparisons and a great idea!

  2. Seems like 2012 was an early spring for you. It will be here soon and everything will be green once more.

  3. Great idea to take the same pictures to compare, I enjoyed looking at them and your beautiful scenery too. ~Diane

  4. wow this is a nice photo project! I love it!


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