Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sunday Drive on Thursday ~ 10-25-12

                    So we left Pikeville, KY this morning with this kind of view.  Not a very impressive view is it?   We just had hopes that if we headed south we just might find some beautiful foliage that hadn't gone from green to brownWe also were expecting a record for the hottest Oct. 25th. and knew it would be a great day for a Sunday drive.  
                    Just as we left Pike Co. and went into Letcher Co. (Remember the Chris Jones Pics?-notice how more brilliant the colors are in his pictures from last week.) we found this......

Out of Whitesburg, KY toward Harlan we hit a high point in altitude and view but not color.
 But notice this one line of trees at the base.
 Then on to the Cumberland Gap for some shots.
 Above is the view into Kentucky as we stood in Virginia.
Below is the view into Tennessee as we also stood in Virginia.
and I just have to show you their picture. (below)
 Below, you'll see Cumberland Gap where the more orange foliage is....the lower section of the mountain ridge.
           We got back on the road, and kept going south, across the Douglas Dam and guess where we landed?
Here is a view from our room.  Beautiful, isn't it? 
 Hey, it's only a block from the main drag and didn't cost a ridiculous price.  
Where are you right now?
We're in Gatlinburg, Tennessee tonight!


  1. Yup, that first shot is about what it looks like around here with the exception of some pockets of trees. Your views were definitely spectacular! Funny how some spots have more color, though. I hope you're having a good time!

  2. What beautiful views!
    It looks like you're having a wonderful autumn.

  3. I hope you have a blast of a Sunday :) the views are indeed lovely. thanks for sharing :) xxo


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