Friday, October 5, 2012

Sunday Drive on Friday in October


Such beautiful scenery and so much history around where I live.  We can drive East, West and South and see the most beautiful horse country.
The flour mill above still produces a product they sell in the little town a couple of miles down the road.
The trees are just beginning to show their fall colors.

 Stone fences all over the place along with the black wood plank horse fences.

Did you take a close look at the grinding stones in the rock fence located close to the flour mill?
 Found some ducks in layover on their trip south.

  Remember all the covered bridges we visited this past summer?  We made a point to check one out less than 15 miles from us today.  I'll be posting those shots later.


  1. Beautiful scenery on your Friday drive! I love the old mill. You don't see many of them anymore.

  2. gorgeous drive. wow... love the views. (:

  3. What a beautiful place with so many interesting things to see! Wonderful photos!

  4. The mill is amazing and I love the rock wall. Wonderful captures Joy!

  5. A nice Friday drive. Great shots. Rural is the best!


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