Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our 400 Mile Yard Sale Treasures

So its time to reveal how we spent our nickels and dimes over some 355 miles (more if you count the off road neighborhoods.)
My Treasures

His Treasures

Don't include the mower.

Breaking down my pile of "stuff."

I call this my most unusual buy. $1.

I'm a sucker for kids (I'm guessing brother/sister 10/11 years old) trying to start a business which means they haven't been too busy playing video games and watching TV but being creative.  These billfolds were made from duck tape.  The red was simple and cost 25¢ while the others, they said, had pockets and an ID holder and cost $2.25.  No, it wasn't worth it, only worth helping them to at least pay their costs and not get discouraged asap.



By Price

From "Free Stuff" boxes. 

10¢ for each item. 
I forgot to include 3 pairs of heavy black socks. that were 10¢ each.
25¢ each item.
50¢ each item/bag.  
7 bags of scrap fabrics.  Saw one box of books labeled, "EX-wife's Books."
$1.00 each/stack. 

Never could get this group together.  Below is a retake and still forgot to put in the vintage manicure set.  Yard sales are the best places to get good old fashion tools that were built to last and cost far less, if you look, than in the store.  One guy called his booth "Man Stuff."  The thread magazines were the only thing I "dickered" on and got my price.  Tried on 2 other things and didn't get them.  In some cases you can just stand still and think about it and they'll come down on the price which sometimes comes at me unexpected, happily.
$1.50 each.  
The rack was my only goof up because, 2 yards later I could have gotten it for a $1.00.  So I was "tricked" on this one.

$2.00 each. 
 Bucket has no holes but the sprinkler can has a hole with a cork in the center bottom.  The carpenter's folding ruler was a "treat" because, I had turned down some that were more expensive and not white. 
$3.00 from Goodwill on Monday after the 400 miles.
 "I've marked it down from 40 to 20 but I'm ready to go home and you can take it for 10," the man said.

$15 each.
 The most expensive purchase, and rightly so, was from my teenaged Granddaughter that lives very close to HWY 68 and had set up a sale, that I didn't know about, to make money for her class trip to Europe next summer.  I had in mind to paint these closet shutter doors white and set them on my deck.  Since, I've had many other ideas. 

All in all, I think I was "treated" more than "tricked" on this "trick or treat" adventure.

Coming up on another post, I'll show you the first thing I bought.  More of a story to go with it.

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of stuff and a lot of miles! My favorite though is the $3.00 Goodwill find after the 400 miles.

  2. You found some excellent treasures!! I love that you bought the handmade wallets from the kids, I think a little encouragement can go a long ways...

  3. Great finds! I would love to travel a few of those miles of sales.

  4. omg i love this ! i'd love to travel out of my own town to garage sales. i can barely get to the other side of town 15 miles away, lol. my fave is the $3 goodwill find !!

  5. Very fun and you got some great treasures!!

  6. Oh wow! What an amazing selection of treasures you found!!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  7. Very fun to see your and your hubby's "finds"! How did y'all get all of that in the car? Hey, what IS that thing that was your "most unusual find"? I saw your post over at "Cowgirl Up" by linking from your other photos.

    1. Hey Miss Kitty, The full size van is perfect for going yard sale-ing. We can stuff a bunch of little things or small pieces of furniture. Good thing I can't get in large pieces of furniture cause I don't need them. I must be careful and not find a hauling trailer while sale-ing because, this van does have a hitch.

  8. I so enjoyed seeing all you found and hauled home. I am longing to have an opportunity to go on an adventure to do the same sometime. Your haul inspires me to get the plan in motion! I found you at It's a Hodgepodge Life.

  9. We took our 2 sons and my brother on this 400 mile garage sale and they named it the worst vacation ever! I even bought they van and money to spend and never bought one thing. I am more creative now so I would like to go again!

  10. You made some super finds. Wish I could have stowed away for the trip!

  11. Wow!! You made off with great treasures!! Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing on our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday". Hope you come back next week. -The Sisters

  12. wow you found some good finds. I'm a new follower from a blog hop, would love if you stopped by and followed me at

  13. I had to look twice when I saw "400 Mile Yard Sale". I'm from the Eastern Shore of MD. I was visiting my daughter in KY for my grandson's graduation 3 years ago, and this was going on. We bit the bullet a traveled only a short stint of the journey. Quite a rush if you're a yard sale junkie! Would love to go again. Great finds, BTW. Blogged about my "journey" when I got back to the "flatlands".

  14. Wow how fun! Thanks for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.

  15. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  16. I've always wanted to do that huge garage sale, & The Man & I have talked about making it part of a vacation since we live in AZ. You really got some great stuff. Sure sounds like fun!


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