Monday, March 12, 2012

A REAL Scrappy Quilt- Part 2

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From Part 1 of "A Real Scrappy Quilt," all squares had been sewn into one long strip.  Forgive me Aunt Francis.  I know you were an awesome artist of beautiful quilts who believed the entire quilt should be stitched by hand.  I do good to get one done with a machine and no hand stitching.

The long strip was folded accordion style to lay on the table so each end of the strip could be put together without a twist occurring. 

To begin sewing the seam of the long strip, the squares were offset on purpose to actually make sure the seams didn't seem to attempt to meet.

 See the orange/white piece between the piles?  That may or may not be the center of this long strip.

After cutting this fold, once again there is one long strip now two blocks wide.
It is folded accordion to stack on the table.

 The accordion stack is placed on it's side and each end is pulled out, with seams outward and then opened.  This seam wasn't ironed open.  A good quilter would have done that?

  I'm guessing by now, you know how the top will be finished.  Part 3

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  1. It is a beautiful looking quilt! You are great at it..


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