Monday, March 26, 2012

March Trip to Peddler's Mall

 Took my little pocket camera to browse around Peddler's Mall.  Of course I have to look at the quilts.  Never seen one like this.  Can you imagine how long it took to make this one including the crocheting?
Chair.  Comfortable?
Not too many tobacco sticks left around today.  I'm thinking the deck railing Mr. G found on roadside would work?

Made from men's shirts?

Imagine putting the binding on this thing!

I once had a chair like this and it was broken into several pieces.  I rarely throw anything away but I did that chair.  I have regretted a bunch of times of throwing it away and wishing I had gotten out the wood glue.  What was I thinking?

?  Coal bin, maybe?

If I already own one, I always look to see how they price it.
Certain things spark memories.

Wicker rocking horse?  First for me.

Clothes I could have worn at that age.

There is a black/white picture of me in a coat something like this and I remember it to be this color.
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