Thursday, March 8, 2012

Earth Wonders Photo Challenge- FEATHERS or FurEARTH WONDERS by anaeugenio

   One day the neighborhood doves decided to visit my deck.  Would you believe I was sitting on my couch across the room from the glass door, and took these pictures through the glass of the door.  The only thing I did to the pictures was split & crop them to get a closer view.

 These are doves that have been singing to us all winter.  You will always see these birds in pairs.

Splitter & Combine tools in Photoscape 

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  1. And yes, I followed your blog too!

  2. they're gorgeous and you capture them beautifully Joy. thank you for sharing it at 'Earth Wonders'. your previous entry on Flowers have been feature on my Facebook page as my Favorite. you can grab your button in the blog :)
    have a great weekend

  3. ha love that collage of them...

  4. No wonder this bird has been chosen for the symbol of Peace. We don't have as many around as we used to, not sure why. Your captures are lovely. Thank you for the visit and kind comment. :)

  5. Beautiful doves! I like the whole series.

  6. These are wonderful... don't they sound lovey too. Great capture!

  7. Oh I just love these birds, something so sweet and innocent in their faces. Beautiful captures!!

  8. love the doves, i have built a dove aviary a couple times, thanks for sharing...

  9. I absolutely love doves, and you have captured these so beautifully, Joy!

    Thank you so very much for being a part of The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful evening, and I will surely still see you here!


  10. Wonderful photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  11. I love Mourning Doves. They are one of my favorites to listen too. I'm always happy to see them at my feeder each year. Lovely shots. :)

    Jamie @

  12. Will they nest nearby? I keep reading about how mourning doves choose receptacles that are often very close to where people live and nest there. I love them.... but the ones here have been pushed out by Asian Collared doves...beautiful gray but pushy, pushy ...and very prolific.

    1. Evelyn, my experience as a farm girl was the Doves lived in the pasture where shrubs and a tree could be found. We planted specific grasses that would produce seed for them to eat. They spend a lot of time on the ground, which amazes me, in a open area where they can watch for predators as they forage. They do live close to a water source. Here I have a creek and at my last home I kept a bird bath which a pair visited often. If these birds do a lot of their "talking" from the nest, then these live a block away from the creek. It's not been my experience for them to harbor in the eves of the house. I haven't had cats & dogs in the city which is why I think the wildlife visit my yard, whereas in the country we kept outdoor farm cats and dogs all the time. Something you don't want to hear, we do have 3 Dove seasons for hunters scheduled in KY this year, so they must still be thriving. Yes, I have eaten dove as I have chicken. That was years ago when there was a hunter in my family.

  13. Beautiful! So glad they visited you, and you shared it with us.

  14. hello sweetie :) you've been featured in my Facebook page this week as one of my Favorites. hope you have a beautiful week :) xxo

  15. I like the pictures!!! Those feathers are beautiful.

    Regards from Barcelona.


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