Thursday, September 2, 2021

Thoughtful Thurs 177 ~ A Nana Wedding Heart


A neighbor wanted to do something special for a Bride to Be.
I love the "Bag" Challenge.
It's the "Chopping Block" version for sewing?
These were items once used by the Bride's Nana.
The T-shirt was taken down town for the embroidery.
I turned the embroidery piece into a heart.

The friend requested it be laid on the purple towel outlined with a blanket stitch.
Pieces from the other items were crazy patched together for the back.


This friend will pin the piece under the bride's dress
 so the bride will have her Nana & Papaw close by.

I thought it was a very thoughtful idea.

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  1. What a lovely sentiment! And such a pretty little design that will be a keepsake forever.


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