Saturday, June 5, 2021

Quilt Shot 134~ Hobby Horse


For my first great grand child!
I bought this magazine back in 1984.
Although, I never get rid of any quilt/sewing magazine/book I acquire, 
this one did have a quilt I had immediately put on my to do list when I saw it
 for someone,
but didn't know who.
That perfect someone is to arrive in a few weeks.
He's destined to be on a farm.
My first great grand child. Unreal.
Look at the very simple instructions.
That's all!
It uses squares,
but I had scraps to use and had to make them go as far as possible.

The saddle was embroidered.
I decided to make a block free hand style.
Folded/pressed block to create sewing guide lines.



Hand embroidered eye, mouth, nose.
Supposed to embroider the tail, but I didn't.
I used that embroidery hoop as a child.

Had enough scrap fabric to add a 2½ inch border.
Sandwich with a scrap piece large enough for backing,
and leftover batting.

Pinned a Leader Cloth to both sides so I could quilt up to the border.
I thought about tying the quilt with bright red yarn,
but decided to quilt it on my little Dream Frame.
Was able to load lengthwise and make complete pass.
My favorite way to baste is quilting pins poked through to a piece of fake rubber.
The fake rubber were pieces from a pair of cut up $ Tree flip flops.
Much easier for me to put in, take out as I quilt. 
Yes I have to take them out if in the way of the clamps.
Quilting safety pins are hard for me to handle.

The machine agreed with me that day and did some great quilting stitches.
Very little breakage or skipped stitches today.
A happy day of quilting done in one day.

However, big fancy Ms. Ellisimo did stitch on the binding,
but refused to not skip stitches when trying to finish the binding.
I was more in the mood for some handstitching on the binding,
than setting up Little Brother which has absolutely NO problem
doing the finishing stitching on binding.
Little Brother really puts fancy Ellisimo to shame.
Finished. So I thought.
This little quilt was made with scraps given to me.
The backing had to be turned sideways.
Perfect to go with a "Hobby Horse" quilt.
 For once, I didn't forget to add the label before I finished quilting.
I did quilt 2 rounds before I remembered to add it just in time.
 It is iron on, but I like the quilting stitched through it,
and I hand applique to make it more stable.

However, I just wasn't satisfied with the little horse not having a tail.
So the day before this quilt was given,
I hand appliqued a tail.
Now it's finished!



  1. What a cute quilt! Only goes to prove that quilt patterns never go out of style. Your little 'great' will love it I'm sure.

  2. Such a sweet little rocking horse quilt!


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