Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Temporary Gauge for Hemming Pants


Recently I hemmed 4 pair of men's pants all the same size, so the hemming on all 4 used the same measurements.  When hemming pants, especially for men, the front and back are not the same length and thus the side seams are a different measure involving transition of length.


Tuesday Tip

So instead of resetting my gauge 3 different times for a specific measurement as small as an eighth inch, I made a temporary paper gauge.

It really speeded up the process.

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  1. This would work really well for dress pants I think. Normally any pants I shorten for my DH I just cut the same amount off all the way around the leg and he's happy....he lives in jeans and pj bottoms so doesn't need them to be perfect (thankfully, because my sewing skills when it comes to such things are rather lacking).


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