Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Elementary School Star Yard Flag

    November has been declared Veterans month in the USA. So I decided to make a yard flag to celebrate.

Tuesday Tutorial

I cut a piece of freezer paper to plan out my design.
Every time I make a yard flag, I pull out my Mother's old yard flag to use as a guide.

The "Elementary School Paper Pieced Star" Block I design by using a star we used to draw when I taught elementary school. Thus, I call it "Elementary School."  

The directions for the Elementary School Paper Piece Star are posted HERE .

 Sew the star block to the 13 inch strip set. 
Then sew the 19 inch strip set to the top.
Add the left white strip last. 

Fabric scraps were sewn together for the backing.
 Lay right sides of flag and backing together.
Trim the backing to fit.
Sew across the end only with the white strip.
Mark 2 inches down and cut 1/2 inch in.
 Then open up the flag and backing,
Double fold and top stitch between each snip.
This becomes the opening to thread onto flag pole.

Refold the backing and flag along the stitch just sewn.
At this time you can mark from one snip all the way across to the other snip
using a straight edge
only if the ink shows through to the other side.
Otherwise wait to mark later.
It's easier from this point to draw from the snip marks.
This is a heat sensitive pen. 
 DO NOT STITCH this line until you turn right side out.
Stitch 1/4 inch seam all around except for opening at bottom for turning.
Turn right side out.
Iron the seam all around.
Top stitch 1/4 inch all around including the opening at the bottom shown above.

 To finish making the channel for flag pole,
 if the line between snip marks was not made early,
 mark now from the bottom of opening on the side to the other side (as shown above).

Then its ready to hang and honor our Veterans who served our country.

Happy Veterans Day.

And if you haven't yet, 


It's the official ELECTION Day!

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  1. I'm sure anyone who is a veteran would appreciate this great project!


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