Friday, October 9, 2020

Fun Friday ~ Paper Pieced Pumpkin


When paper piecing is involved,
my mind goes into another world.
Before I knew it 11:00 am became 5:00 pm!

I keep a collect of fall colored fabric scraps to use for fall projects
so I can just pull them out when I have the quick notion to do a fall project.

This paper pieced pumpkin pattern was found on
Completed banner can be found here on 10/16/20


  1. Such a cute pumpkin! He looks like he's losing his teeth - wonder if the tooth fairy comes to pumpkins?

  2. Hi Joy - I’m so glad you like the pattern I shared on weallsew! If you could remove the image of the pattern layout, that would be great. Although it’s a free pattern, it is still copyright protected and can’t be shared through photos. Thanks so much for understanding. 💕


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