Friday, October 23, 2020

Fun Friday~ Much Needed Potholder- Some Relaxing Hand Sewing


My counter top in my sewing room hen nest has been begging to be cleaned.
It involved sorting through some scrap fabrics.
My kitchen has been begging for some new pot holders to replace the much 
used and old stained potholders.
So today's fun project ended up using some of those sorted scraps
and making some simple pot holders.
Even the batting was scraps left from quilting.
No, I don't worry about  the special heat resistant batting.
After all, the worn out potholders I have were made 20 or so years ago
before such was invented.
Even still have some of the old loom woven potholders all of us made when we were kids.

I used some of the tons of binding I have collected due to super friends passing them on to me.
I applied the binding by machine,
but when I turned it to the back,
I decided to grab a needle and take some time
to continue enjoying my audio book on loan from the library,
"The Giver of Stars."

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  1. Nice potholder! I should make some new ones for Resident Chef too - maybe for Christmas.


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