Saturday, June 20, 2020

Quilt Shot Block 118 ~ Arrowhead

Arrowhead Block
9 inches

I'm just now discovering this method for making this block.

Place fabric right sides together.
Cut two 8 inch squares.

Two inch wide sticky note sheets make a great 2 inch marker.
The sticky note idea came from Anita Solomon.
Please find her quilt block and quilting pattern idea
where she has a pdf you can download.
Do not stitch 2 inches on 2 opposite corners as shown above.
Cut through the stitched corners.
Keeping right sides up,
rotate 1 over the other
stacking the unstitched areas on top of each other. (as shown above.)
Cut 2 inch strips as shown above.
Press pieces and layout as shown above.

Edges WILL NOT meet.
Trim to 9 inches.
Note the seams will end at the corners.


  1. Looks rather ingenious! Not that I'm a sane quilter, but I can appreciate the brilliance.

  2. I love this block. Glad I found your blogspot.

    1. Thanks. I thought it was fun to make such a complicated looking block that was easy to make. Please come back.


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