Thursday, April 5, 2018

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #135 - How Much Does a Garment Pattern Really Cost?

I bought this pattern last summer at a discount
and it still cost around $10!
For me, that's outrageous!
That's because when I used to make clothing a lot,
patterns were more like $3.

Anyway, I look for patterns that make several pieces of clothing like this one.
BECAUSE, each time I use the pattern,
the cost of the pattern goes down.
So far I have made 4 tank tops, 1 pair of short pants, 
a jacket
& this pair of long pants last week.
So $10 divided by 7 = $1.43.
The pattern for each garment now costs $1.43!
"THINK about it."
This is one reason I preserve a multi size pattern
so any size can be used.
You might want to check out the following link?

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