Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Fabric Doggie Birthday Card

     My dog loving daughter recently had a birthday.  Here's my card to her.

Tuesday Tutorial
 I first spent some time online going through some free clip art sites.
I printed and resized to fit my cards.
 Chose one and traced another for a pattern.
 Added some iron on interfacing to a scrap piece of fabric that would be the background sky.
 Using a pencil, traced around the card which is
 half of a card stock 8½ x 11 inch sheet which is again folded in half.
Using a Frixon pin, the circle was traced on the fabric to be the face.
My lines were dark enough on the black line clipart to see through fabric.
 Ears were cut off the main picture to be a pattern to cut out fabric ears.
No seam allowance needed.
 Since pins are too bulky, a spot of glue was used to hold down fabric
 where the machine needle would not be running.

 Had fun typing different fonts.  
You can add a bundle of free fonts to your computer and use them in your word processor.
To find out how to download and install fonts check out my tutorial here.
 I tried a little coffee staining to brown the paper a bit.
 Yes, that's a font. I didn't use an old typewriter.
Info about making an envelope
       The envelope can be made from a template using one sheet of paper that works perfectly with this "half page" card. Just do a web search. Some are PDF files. However some are jpeg (picture files) and if so, right click on the picture & download as an image which will print on a full sheet of paper. Use that as a template to trace around, so printer ink doesn't need to be used every time you make an envelope. No resizing should be needed to print. I used the ruler & rotary cutter to cut out 6 at a time.  Use a glue stick to hold.   (info updated 4/21/18)
 You'll find this post at several Linky Parties
Please check them out for some great ideas.

Thanks to 
FREE Photoscape for downsizing, photo enhancements & watermarking photo
Open Office for the FREE word processor

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