Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #49 ~ Thankful Results?

Last night Just before I settled into bed, I noticed it was 1:00 am exactly. As if on cue, when I  turned out the light, a large amount of noise over my head came crashing.  First thought? I'd knocked my headboard wall hanging down.  The sound was prolonged a bit. So I thought a bookshelf fell upstairs.  Creepy things have happened in this house for no reason at all.  As I finally looked out my window, I saw what happened.
First evaluation shows no damage, not even a broken window!
But, why?
No wind, not even a breeze.
I did finally get some sleep, but up early taking more pictures.
It fell through the gate opening.
It took out parts of 3 sections of the fence.
The worse part so far is the mess it made on the neighbor's side 
as it laid down in their garden.
Best I can tell, just clean up damage to their property.
And I can't tell if this one branch poked a hole in the eve of the house.
If so, thank goodness it's on the side of the house that the rain doesn't reach easily.
So I'm in lots of thought this morning.
#1 Thankful there is no human damage.
#2 Thankful the back side of my house wasn't ripped off.
#3 Lesson learned- When there is one dead branch and the rest with live green leaves,
the trunk may have a problem.
Thanks to:
Photoscape for downsizing, watermarking photos & editing.

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  1. Joy thank goodness it was not anything worst. No one was hurt. It seems kind of odd thought, that it s hould just fall over like that. Do you have any idea what might have caused this?


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