Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Simple Gift Bag for Baby Quilt

  I usually make my gift bags.  I finished making a baby quilt and had some scraps left. So a bag was created.  Here's how.

*A Tutorial Tuesday*
including gift tag
     First I put together scraps into strips and sewed the strips together to make a rectangle large enough to wrap around the folded quilt.  Then I added two 2 inch strips to each end.
Iron seams of white strips outward.
Fold under & iron 1/4 inch of edge.
Fold and stitch side seams.
Top stitch on inside of bag or
pin and top stitch from outside.

Made a quick tag to tie onto the handle.

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  1. Making the gift bag is such a extra sweet idea, it can serve for more than gift giving. Love the tag!

  2. a great way to use up scraps and a wonderful way to present a gift.

  3. Two gifts in one! What a great idea to use up those scraps.

  4. Nicely used the left over fabric! I like the idea to make your gift bag rather than use something that will be thrown away.

  5. That's the kind of idea I love. Beautiful, useful and economical. Thanks a lot!
    Thank you for participating to my Fabric, Thread and Yarn link party. Have a good weekend!


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