Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #43 ~ How Do You Personalize Gifts?

          My stash has grown partly because of yard sales, and then a large part due to friends and family giving me their precious collections of scraps and fabrics.  Before my neighbor moved a couple of years ago, she gave me 2 large boxes of curtain and upholstery fabric samples.
          While in Florida this past January and February, I did some Christmas shopping for a certain Sportsman. To personalize the wrapping a bit,  I decided this would be the perfect fabric for his gift bag.
            In the past years, I've wrapped or made bags for Christmas from the same paper or fabric so that everyone would be treated the same, or hopefully feel they are treated the same when it came to the gift wrapping. This year I'm feeling a bit different, & thinking about having a variety of styles.
What kind of thought do you put in wrapping or presenting your gifts?

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