Monday, April 11, 2016

Memory Monday 3 ~ Field Trip @ State Botanical Garden of Georgia

State Botanical Garden of Georgia
Athens, GA, USA
March, 2015
 As a former elementary teacher, I have taken many, many field trips.
I could give you a personal educational tour through Mammoth Cave, because I've been through many times.
 While children and sometimes parents see field trips as a day off from school, I didn't.
I wanted the kids to be engaged in learning about the facts we went to witness in person.
During warm weather, I wished I could have moved my classroom outside everyday for science and math.
            When students are working in an open area like this, the little ones like to run and the olders like to flirt. The trick is to be prepared by having the students presented with expectations. They need guidance either orally or written as to what to do and observe.  Sometimes team work helps and sometimes not.
The enjoyable part was to stand back, and watch all the learning with giggles taking place.
...and most of the time there would be one happy little surprise.
There is a reason for retirement.
I don't think I could survive a field trip with a group of little people today.
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