Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"Drive Bye Shootings" The Everglades to Ft. Myers

Today was our trip across the Everglades on Hwy 41.
Felt bad we didn't take an air boat trip.
I know Mr. G had his heart set on it, but I didn't want a trip through the grassland.
I held out for something through the cypress, but later found out there was no such thing.
We'll just have to go back and do it sometime soon.  Added to bucket list.

Before we went across the Everglades,
we headed north from Florida City/Homestead.
We drove miles and miles by acres of nurseries. 

Most of the Everglades we viewed was grassland.
Some were trees.
Stopped at a visitor center and found this grasshopper.  Twice the size of our green grasshoppers.
Everglade City, Fl
Downtown Naples, FL
Southern end of Ft. Myers Beach

Our hotel room is literally feet from the water.
No grass dune barriers here.
How good is a walk on the beach at sunset?

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  1. Beautiful! It's so flat. It reminds me of Michigan. No hills.

  2. It is beautiful but you must tell Brian we do have beautiful rolling land here in Michigan, maybe he just saw a flat city or two, lol. ~Diane (Michigander)


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