Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"Drive Bye Shooting" Things You Don't See on I-75 in GA

Pecan Grove
     We spent our last night in Lake Park, GA on our May Florida trip. Lake Park practically sits on the GA line.  We got there via the northern non-interstate Florida highways the day before.  For the past week, we had not traveled the Interstates since we got off I-75 at Macon, GA the week before.  So this day was no exception.  From Lake Park we continued north traveling the state's highways. A lot of the highway was 4 lane or at least straight.  We loved the scenery and the things we got to see that aren't on I-75.  We would have liked to have made frequent stops, but we had a graduation in Kentucky to go to the next day.
Now, just take a look and see how many of these things you would NOT see if you travel I-75.
Traveling through small towns reminded us of our Route 66 trip.  We were surprised to find gas cheaper in some of these small towns.

Olive Grove
            It was a beautiful, sunny cool 73°F morning with a sweet flower smell in the air.  We finally realized it was these wild, white flowers on the roadside.  Can a Georgia friend identify them?
              What some folks may call old buildings, we see as history.  Glad someone is taking care of them.  A great part of the site seeing experience.
         We didn't realize our paths would cross until we saw this statue.  This was the intersection we had crossed a week ago on the way to Jacksonville, Fl from Macon, GA.

I am a Civil War - Gone with the Wind nut.
So you know what these sights made me think.

As we got closer to the Smoky Mountains, we saw LOTS of apple businesses.

         It took us all day to go from the southern border to northern border of Georgia.  It got very cloudy and too dark to take "drive bye shots."  As I looked at the map, I realized there was a lot of the southwestern Smoky Mountain area we had not traveled.  So, I've added that to my bucket list.

               It was a VERY long day of driving.  Mr. G thought he was destined to spend the rest of his life in Georgia.  We got back on the Interstate in Cleveland, TN, which meant we had skirted the horrible Friday rush hour in both Atlanta and Chattanooga.   On the radio we kept hearing of accidents and backed up traffic on the roads we would have taken.  Not once were we in a back up, not even behind a farm tractor!  I'm so glad we didn't miss seeing these sights and glad I got to "shoot" them.

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  1. Lovely back road photos!!! I saw that statue of liberty! We used to live in Brunswick, Georgia:) The flowers might be White Wild Indigo but it's hard to tell for sure from the photo.

  2. beautiful!!!!!!! Found you via wordless Wednesday link up :) I'm your newest follower!

  3. Can't seem to edit or add on your page's comment section, so will tell you here. Best times ever with Little Luc, my Chihuahua, driving my RV on the back roads of this country. Always, always a good cup of coffee or tea. If I got tired, I'd stop, open a window, just listen to the birds singing, the trees rustling! Stretch out on the bed, take a nap, and a clean bathroom, too. Relaxing, interesting and educational travel with great scenery that you never see on the interstates.

  4. What a great road trip, such great pictures of the old buildings, if only they could tell their story. The one with the old mansion is interesting. Glad to fin your blog today, hope you can make it over to link up my WW.
    Oh My Heartsie Girl
    Have a wonderful week.

  5. Those are great pics of the buildings.

  6. You have some beautiful and very interesting photos taken off the beaten path. ~Diane


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