Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gift Wrap Idea ~ Brown Paper Stockings

Got this idea from this month's "Country Living" magazine. 
   Get out your sewing machine and wrap those small gifts!

 I used the basic shape from the pattern I posted recently. 
The paper is postal wrapping paper.
Found this roll on a yard sale adventure.
 Zig Zagged around the edge and over the eye lash yarn.
Got the yarn marked way down at Hobby Lobby last Sept. 
If it's red and sparkly, I grab it thinking "Christmas!"
The yarn was doubled, leaving the loop for for an ornament hook.

I can imagine these in a much smaller size for wrapping things like jewelry or money.
The article in the magazine showed a star shape.  
A candy cane or simple triangle tree would work as well.
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  1. These are a very good idea. I think brown paper always looks quite sophisticated when used with red trim. Don't know how I missed it in Country Living as I have a subscription. I'm about to re do my fortune cookie bags in Christmas prints. They should make good holders for awkward shaped presents.

  2. This is the most adorable idea ever!!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Joy, I've showcased your fab stockings today. Hope you don't mind, but I added them to a second linky.

  4. I love this idea! Be perfect to use for my second graders to "wrap" their parent presents!

  5. I did this years ago when my children were young - it was so much fun to watch them and their cousins try to figure out how to open their gift as they didn't want to ruin the paper stocking…it is such a fun idea! I love how you hung them on the tree!!

  6. These are lovely, what a great wrapping idea. I found you featured at Thread my Way :-)


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