Friday, September 20, 2013

Quilt Shot Block #11 ~ Clay's Choice

     No, my grandson didn't choose this block.  That just happens to be the name of the block according to the reference book I've had for years.  Back when I saved up money to buy a book, it had to be very useful.  I bought this book because it had a ton of, well 700, quilt blocks in it.  No directions or patterns for cutting given, but just the pattern block itself & you had to figure out how it was made. I used it as a source for ideas & dreaming.
I didn't make very many blocks, because it was just prior to the day of rotary cutters & mats.  Thank goodness they came along and more and more folks decided it was ok to machine stitch blocks.  There were Aunts and Grandparents that thought I had committed a sin by putting together a block on the machine rather than by hand.  Oh, it makes my hand hurt to think about it.

Just to show you I didn't name this block after my Grandson.  This is all that's given in the book.  You have to decide on measurements and created the pieces to be put together
 The cloth pieces for the block above were the last of the blocks I bought on this year's 400 Mile Yard sale back in June.  The pieces in the bag didn't go with the pattern provided.  It happened to have the right number of pieces to make Clay's Choice and then had some rectangles left over.  Therefore, this block is a 10½ inch block rather than 12½ inch like the rest.
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  1. Another beautiful block Joy. Congrats on your feature too! ~Diane

  2. Beautiful block and yes....I remember the days before rotary cutters....using cardboard for templates! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday


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