Thursday, May 30, 2013

Remembering the Beauty of the 400 Mile Yard Sale

Shakertown Barn between Lexington & Harrodsburg

A tradition is upon us.  The first full weekend in June is when the 400 Mile Yard Sale is held.  It occurs on HWY 68 starting in Maysville, KY on the Ohio River and ends in Paducah, KY on the Ohio River.  The highway takes a southerly swoop down through Ky.  I think one reason I enJOYed "Yard Sale-ing"  HWY 68 so much last year was the beauty. 
The section between Paris and Maysville, KY does have some breathtaking scenery, but the highway between Lexington and Harrodsburg, KY has so many majestic and/or historical homes that seem they could almost speak their life.

@ Perryville (above)

(Below) Between Bowling Green and Hopkinsville, KY, a bigger, better highway was built just outside small towns, making them quieter and very quaint.
Then the land flattens out into awesome farmland and you think you are in Illinois. 
Fresh cut wheat fields have the makings of an artistic design.
Since Sunday is not a good day for "Yard Sale-ing" in the Bible Belt, and the end of our trip last year was a bit slight, we plan this year to start in Paducah and travel south and then the new extension @ Aurora, KY that was added last year to Paris, TN (which is not HWY 68)- for the beauty of course & more junk bargains.
And, we will still have our Angel traveling with us.
Lord willing.

See our Yard Sale trip from Paris, Ky to Paducah, Ky last year here.
See our treasures bought last year yard sale-ing on HWY 68 here.


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  1. What a wonderful group of photos! Thank you for sharing.

    I'm visiting today from Thursday's Favorite Things.

  2. Oh, this where I grew up. I always love seeing pictures from here. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home.

  3. Beautiful homes, I am looking forward to traveling to Kentucky this summer to visit my daughter. ~Diane

  4. Oh wow, that's amazing! I would love to see that! The homes are so pretty too! I saw your post over at Show and Tell Friday. Thanks for sharing.
    Gina at Victorian Wanna Be

  5. I love a good yard sale! This looks like a fun adventure.
    Karen @ annumography

  6. Sounds like such FUN! Treasures, beautiful land, historic homes.... what a terrific sounding weekend!


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