Saturday, April 27, 2013

Where in the World is Mr. G?

 Some shots taken by Mr. G and his little Canon.  I'm envious of his zoom abilities.
I think these are some awesome pictures.
We are celebrating his retirement this week.
Where in the world is Mr. G?

 This pelican is not a statue.  It's real.
 This peacock was on an island with some goats about 750 feet away! 
Update:  Apparently this is the Goat Island I've often read about located @ Murrell's Inlet.
 The above shot was caught with my Nikon.  Didn't have the zoom lens with us to get a close-up of the bird.

Goat Island @ Murrell's Inlet

Mr. G likes to catch those funny words.
You might be able to see a clue in this picture.
More awesome pictures to come.

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Weekly Top Shot #80


  1. He took some great photos! I love that pelican! Congratulations on his retirement!

  2. Congrats on his retirement, I followed the clues to Myrtle Beach, is that where he is? Bet he is enjoying it! ~Diane

  3. Oh my gosh! That last sign is hilarious! Great shots all around.


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