Thursday, November 10, 2011

Warm Fuzzy Pillow for Friendship

Some friends might take offense to receiving something used, but this friend more appreciates crafting a pillow from something old.

Found a warm fuzzy sweater and never used pillow form at Salvation Army.

Stuff form inside and pin for stitching line.

Cut off excess 5/8 inch from stitching line where possible.  Do not cut along bottom of sweater.  Situate the stitching line to be 5/8 from the bottom.

Cut seam away from top of one sleeve.

From the top of the sleeve, work to unravel a workable length of yarn to be used to stitch closing of pillow.

I always mark the beginning and ending of stitching with double pins, perpendicular to the seam.

Take out pins before starting machine to protect cutting blade.

Best way to square off a corner when serging is to serge off the edge.

Then off the next corner to start serging the next edge.  If you serge "around" the corner then the corner will most likely be "round."

When you get back around to the next double pins, serge off the edge.

Through the unstitched bottom, turn the sweater....

inside out

Stuff pillow form (or old, clean pillow) into opening.

In the event you can't get your sweater's yarn through the needle, try using the loop of a thread to help.

Close opening by stitching with the piece of yarn you unraveled from the sleeve.  Since the color & texture match perfectly, the ladder stitch barely shows.

When your pillow is made from a microfiber type yarn, then you have a warm and fuzzy pillow for your friend.
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  1. Easy to follow tutorial and a fabulous, cuddly pillow. Great idea to use the yarn from the sweater to sew it up. I would never have thought of that. Thanks for linking up...


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