Sunday, December 12, 2010

No Calorie Gingerbread Man

I made a bunch of these Gingerbread men a few years back and put them on all the gifts I gave.  Today, I decided to make some more.  A day of trial and error just to make one like my old model.  Well, I actually made about a dozen.
These patterns are at least 30 years old!  They sure were worth their cost for they have made many projects.

The old model and pattern.

 Decided to start pinning after the first one was off.

 Also, thought I'd try zig zagging before I cut the pattern out.

 .... and finally the one I didn't cut out exactly because I didn't pin, just free handed.

 So the zig zagging hid the uneven edges.  Can't tell the difference.
 I believe zig zagging before cutting looked more like the model and laid the best.

 Then I realized the model was thicker because it had a middle layer.
Finally, a good use for used dryer sheets! Perfect. 
 Since the markings were going to show, I decided on brown, like baked edges.

 I say that some day, I'll get a new machine, but I love this one.  Would like to have a no hands pressure foot though.  
For the white frosting outline, I used design #70, which is one stitch forward and 1/2 stitch back @ no width, middle position for length.  To pivot the needle, wait until the needle takes the 1/2 step back.  
Design #38, hearts, for the eyes and design #95 of 3 snowflakes for the buttons. Mouth corners are zero length medium zig zag. 

Four of these smiley faces are hanging in the kitchen during the holidays now, providing no calories.

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