Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kitchen Almost Done

Before work started.  I had to use Photoshop to wipe out a person in this picture.  That's what the blur is about.
 First tried to clean the tile floor.  From black became a beautiful Tuscan brick color. But some of the grout was missing.  I really loved the floor.
But as Mr. G began to knock out the grout, tiles began to break.  I really wanted tile back but we didn't think we had time and weren't experienced.  So we tried the "pop together" laminate because it looked like it would be easy to install.  NOT!  We could have put in a tile floor with the time and money it took to put this small amount in.  Not too happy with the downgraded look.
Next I wanted to change the counter top but couldn't afford it until winter when a friend can come to help us.  So I thought I'd experiment with the color I think I want to see if I like it.  Black! I used paint especially made for counter tops.
 The counter top paint did a better job than we thought.  Just don't get up too close and look at it.  You can see paint marks.  From a distance, it looks nice.  I needed to paint the hood and change the dishwasher front before appliances came, but I didn't have the time even though I had to go through 2 dealers.

First appliance company deliver a new frig and scratched it all across the front bringing it into the house.  The washer and drawer were placed the wrong way so the doors conflicted when they were open and the installer didn't have his tools to install them.  I sent everything back.  When they came to pick them up they found the stove plug was screwed into the wall and was loose.
Finally, got the appliances but still didn't paint the hood.
Got it done and need to make some touch ups.  Don't tell anyone, but I'm using a magic marker.

Next, a window treatment.  Sorry, Mr. G. the UK flag won't work.

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