Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Beginning of the Last

Joy's Shots & Whatnots is a blog that started when my last year of teaching started,  finishing a wonderful career of 30 years.  Meanwhile, I created a new home to have ready for me by the end of the the final school year.  Pictures (shots) are worth a bunch of words.  I'll let the pictures do most of the talking with only a few jots. The Whatnots will include tips for computers, my lifelong interest of sewing & quilting & other things learned along the road of life.

First day back to school, kinda.  I get to pick one of 3 days called an Optional Work Day to work.  I do not have to work this day.  No work, no pay.  So I go!

The day began as a beautiful sunny morning!  

Parked my car in usual spot.  Door #1.

Door #2.

When I got inside I had to go around barricades. Hope that's not a sign of the coming year.
Long walk.  Exercise for day, done.

My Lab - Love it!

Halls blocked and District Network down.  Did I get a lot done on my Optional Work day?  Updated the school's webpage and set up a teacher with Elmo.

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