I'm so excited & honored to have an article published in a national publication!
     All thanks to a friend, Pam, (Mr. G's Sis) that believed in me and encouraged me.


It is a rather new publication.  You'll find the article in Volume 8 which is now on sale.

 I actually got a 2 page spread.

        The title of the article was supposed to have been Waist No Time because it's about 3 quick steps to making a skirt without a pattern featuring a fast elastic waistband application.

        I had posted the waistband application on this blog a couple of years ago, and last year explained the 3 steps of the skirt construction for a doll skirt in a child's sewing lesson.  

        This magazine is chocked full of sewing ideas & projects.  If you'd like more information about this great magazine, please go to the Sew it All  supporting site which offers patterns for the magazines projects for free.  My article doesn't require a pattern.  You will find the cutting directions in the article.

         Yes, I made both skirts in the spread.  I think the models made them look better!

        I hope I have the opportunity some day to write another article.

        Also, thank-you Maggie for helping me proof the article.


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  1. That is super awesome. From what you share on your blog, I can see how they would feature you. I've sewn for years so will have to follow and peruse more of what you share. Also, thanks for this reminder as I've been wanting to make a long skirt. I've featured my cousin who quilts on my blog at Peabea's Photography on WordPress as a guest blogger if you have something I could share there with a guest post from you. Just let me know. That blog is and you can see her quilts under the Craft Patch page.

    Peabea from Peabea Scribbles


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