Saturday, May 1, 2021

Quilt Shot 131~ Lenita's Friendship Star Group Quilt


A group of us "Sisters" at church got together and made some Friendship Star blocks for a quilt for our dear "Sister" that has and still is fighting a long battle against COVID.  
Thus the name of this quilt:

"You're Our Star" 

The red fabric on the back originally belonged to her grandmother.
Lenita had donated a lot of her past grandmother's fabric
 for me to make all those masks I made last year.
I still had this large piece leftover.
The Friendship Star blocks were made from everyone's scraps.
Like people used to do in the old days when they needed/wanted to make a quilt
for someone.


Everyone did an excellent job making their blocks.
I sewed the blocks together,
and added borders.


The dark red border was also Lenita's Grandmother's fabric.
I also made the tag to recognize who made which block,
and other work.

 Now noticing the question mark.
Don't know why?
Then I passed the top & tag onto Sam and Melissa who along with
8 year old Elcie
quilted it on their long arm.
 The tag was ironed onto the back before quilting.
When I got the quilt back, I did some more blind hand stitching on the label
to secure it more.

Melissa's binding was perfect.
We presented it to Lenita last Sunday night,
wrapping her in comfort and praying for a speedy recovery,
because she wants to learn how to sew and make quilts soon.

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  1. What a lovely quilt - made with the true reason for quilts in the first place (to wrap someone in comfort and love). Best wishes to your friend for a speedy recovery.

  2. Sister Friends, a way to share the love and caring to one of your Sister Friends at this time. Thank you for visiting and sharing so many quilted stories.

  3. Such a lovely quilt and gift.. hoping your friend is well again soon xx


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