Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Impromptu Piecing for a Tissue Holder

The fabric of our life right now.
Although, I'm a Western Kentucky Univ graduate (and part UTEP),
I live a few minutes north of Lexington, Ky.
Folks around here are expected to bleed blue,
and I will venture to say most of the state does as well.
Anyone in these here United States that knows ANYTHING about college basketball,
has heard of The University of Kentucky Wildcats this year. 
Yes, NUMBER 1 @ 30-0 as of this post.
I've saved almost every scrap of these different UK fabrics that actually a friend gave me.
I can always make something out of scraps.
Like a tissue holder!
Doesn't take much fabric to begin with to make one
 as shown in my original "TISSUE HOLDER TUTORIAL."
But, I actually didn't even have pieces large enough to make a tissue holder.
So, I did some impromptu paper piecing.
I cut the pattern pieces I needed from paper.
I started with a piece in the center.
You might fussy cut a design.
I continued to sew on scraps like I did for this quilt square.
I covered the entire piece of paper,
then trimmed off the excess fabric.
 I tore off the paper being careful not to pull out stitching.
WA-LA! New fabric!
Notice I did trim as I sewed.
I proceeded to use these 2 pieces according to
 the directions I provided in a former post to make the tissue holder.
Even though the scraps are now even smaller,
I still have another idea for this fabric of our life.
To find out how to fold tissue to put in these holders, please visit my tutorial
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