Monday, February 23, 2015

Bird Watcher

    So while my family and friends are back in Kentucky which is becoming the new Boston in its own way, I'm fortunate to be at Cocoa Beach!!!
After Mr. G and I settled down on the beach, we had a visitor.
 Bird Beggar?
Mr. G named him Ralph
I decided She was a Bird Watcher, watching US!
Kept her distance walking the perimeter.
Friends came by, which weren't welcomed. 
ah, Mr. G was sneaking them some of this PBC.
Mr. Sea Gull Shot by Mr. G
 We have lift off!
We were out there almost 2 hours.  All the birds left except this one.
Then I stared at the bird for a while and she just stared back at me.  
The thought of Mother entered my head.
At that time a mate came by, they fussed a bit & she flew off with him.
Like Daddy telling Mother, "Leave her alone, she's OK."
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  1. Hi there - nice set of pictures - always good to have a companion!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: Welcome to Wild Bird Wednesday!

  2. Gulls are amazing. I would love to see these guys more on a regular basis. Pretty awesome birding on the beach.

  3. Lovely series of images and I loved your comments with the shots .


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