Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Variety of 18" Doll Clothes from FREE Patterns!

       Way back in May there was a birthday girl in our family.  I'm lucky she is still of age that wants to increase the wardrobes of her beloved American Girls of which my model wears the same size.  I have collected a bunch of free patterns from the internet.  I do have a Pinterest collection of ONLY FREE doll patterns, but I do also save the sites and patterns on my computer, AND I do print the patterns and save them in a binder.  I do not trust Pinterest or my bookmarks as a safe haven for collecting as I've had favorite sites to disappear over time.
       Here are the clothes I made for this year's birthday gift and the links to the patterns I used.  Hope you find the ideas inspirational.
         My Mother and one of her Caregivers discarded some clothing she no longer wore, so I grabbed them, of course. All knit pieces were made from her clothing.
 * Pink top from Liberty Jane- Trendy Tank Top Use knit fabrics.
* Blue Jean Shorts (from Birthday Girl's Grandpa's jeans) from Blueberry Moon's Nakey Baby Patterns

Daydream Doll Boutique - Trendy Newsboy Cap

This dress pattern was centered over the shirt design for the best fussy cut.
Dress pattern from The Craft Patch Right click on pattern image, "save as" to your computer. It will print out correct size. Use knit fabrics.  
 Mother's top was finished with a lettuced edge, so I capitalized on that design by laying the pattern pieces to include the edge which saved me time in finishing the edges.
Using the white part of Mother's designer T-shirt,
Pants from Strictly Homemade
 to go with the Handkerchief Skirt Pattern I created.
I also made a pair of leggins by downsizing the pants pattern from Strictly Homemade.  
Couldn't find a free pattern for that, so maybe I should post mine?
I basically ran out of time, or I would have made more clothes.
Hopefully, I get to keep on making for Christmas and birthdays a couple more years?  I hope she is enjoying them even though they don't cost as much as those bought in the store?

Thanks to the FREE programs:
possibly used for this post
GIMP for cropping & other digital effects
 Photoscape for downsizing & watermarking photo
PicMonkey creating collages used on this page


  1. These are adorable Joy and I am sure they are cherished all the more knowing they were made with such love and care. I am sure they are even more special as the years go by to have some of your Mothers clothe made into them, great keepsakes to be treasured for generations to come. ~Diane

  2. These are awesome! I'll have to make some for my little girl. Have you noticed that the ones we make last longer? I think the fabric is of better quality when you make it yourself. Thanks for sharing at my KISMIF blog linky party at http://moderntraditionquilts.blogspot.com. If you hadn't, I probably wouldn't have found your blog! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nice patterns.... I like the flexibility of changing a basic pattern like this.... thank you for sharing this. :)

  4. They are beautiful, thanks for sharing them and a link to where you found your patterns too.

  5. some really great patterns for the American Girl Doll or any 18 inch doll. I love those jean shorts!!

  6. They turned out very well, I especially like the cap. My Mother made sleeping bags, pillows and a tent for our action men and sindys which we treasured.

  7. Bet the birthday girl loved them and that two years later she's still playing with them.

  8. Great idea! I can imagine keeping dolls in clothes is almost as expensive as kitting out human girls!


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