Monday, July 28, 2014

Beans, Beans: Good for Your Heart

......the more you eat the more you..........
Well, at least that's the way it used to be.  It took many, many years for me to find the secret to make these delicious morsels more consumable. 
      The key is RINSE, RINSE and RINSE!
I can't remember where I read about this hint, but I tried it and it does work, and it does make a lot of sense.  Basically, I feel like I cook out a lot of the offensive problems and rinse them away.

FIRST, sort and rinse your Pinto or White Northern Beans or a combination (my personal favorite.) Use whatever amount you like. Usually 2 cups makes a large pot.  Beans will about double in size when cooked.

This step I've always done to rinse off the dirt and make sure any stones, burrs or whatever gets taken out. I've recently come across a bag that says it was "double" sorted, but I still don't trust it.

SECOND, place in deep pot or pressure cooker, add salted water about 2 inches over the beans, 2 Tablespoons of oil to prevent boil over, cover and bring to a full boil (not using pressure cooker cover at this point). Turn off heat and let soak for about an hour or until beans start to float and plump.  Personally, I put these on in the morning now that I'm retired, and after I turn them off, I really don't care how long they sit there. *Note: make sure you use plenty of water, as beans will swell to about double the size. So just barely covering the beans with water, will not work.

THIRD, this is the key step that I use to never do, but the first time I did, these babies didn't give me a hard time anymore.  RINSE off the water the beans just soaked in.  I rinse VERY well.  I do rinse with warm water so they don't have to heat up as much to start cooking again.
FOURTH, put beans back in the pressure cooker or pot and cover with plenty of water, 2 or 3 inches above.  Salt and pepper to taste, add about 1 Tablespoon of preferred cooking oil.  I use the blended oil. Good ole country cookers will have you use bacon grease leftover from frying bacon.  I used to season everything thing with that wonderful taste, until I found out I was covering up some wonderful flavors.

FIFTH, cook in pressure cooker about 40 to 60 minutes, depending on how well cooked you like your beans and how much water you used. The water will cook off and can cook down and burn the beans.
     If you use a regular pot, I have no idea on the cooking time. Check your bag.  I know it takes much, much longer and you have to keep eye on the water to make sure it doesn't cook down.

SIXTH, serve your favorite way.  Mine is on top of cornbread whether it be a cornbread cakes, sticks, or a whole skillet corn pone. To complete my whole grain diet, I use whole ground corn with a bit of baking powder, egg and milk.
I also love a ripe tomato or even some chopped canned tomatoes on the side.
and a good meatloaf on the side sounds good too.
So enJOY some beans that won't "cramp" your style.

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  1. Your beans are making my mouth water! I do love them and yes I do rinse them, a lot! I usually eat the canned version in the summer and cook them from dry in the winter. Be sure to cook them well, they can make you ill if they are not well cooked. Sounds delicious over cornbread too. ~Diane

  2. I love pintos Joy! I used to work at a restaurant in high school where we had all you can eat pinto beans on Wed. Always fresh chopped onions, hush puppies and fluffy rice right with the beans. And they did the same, rinse, boil, rinse and then cook. Toot free!

  3. Hi Joy! Thanks for sharing how to cook beans, gas free! I will make sure I rinse them more next time I cook them. I will also try cooking them in the pressure cooker. Blessings from Bama!


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