Sunday, November 3, 2013

Touring Downtown Georgetown, KY


After showing colorful buildings & downtown of Georgetown, CO, I thought I would give you a tour of downtown Georgetown, KY.  
In the classroom, we would call this contrast and compare.
 Main street - from the west

 A unique place to have a coffee and sandwich.  You can meet your friends in the old bank vault for lunch.

One of my favorites is Fava's.  Put's me back in my childhood days.

 Another view of the courthouse.
Once a month from spring to fall, the city offers a free concert.
We bring our chairs and sit in the middle of main street.
This was a beautiful night at the beginning of October, 2013.

The beautiful campus of Georgetown College sits one block away from Main St.
We've enjoyed some live plays produced by their drama department.

A building that must be rich in history sits one block from the courthouse.
 Some buildings you can tell are very old.
One block from the courthouse going the opposite direction from the campus and downhill is Hamilton street where the Justice Department, Sheriff and Coroner's office are located.
On the steep hill of Hamilton next to the Justice Center and behind Fava's is this building.  I think a Lawyer's office.
Corner of Hamilton and Main
Remember KY used to be a big producer of tobacco until the tobacco buy out by the Clinton Administration.
 Now you rarely see a tobacco patch in KY.
Some majestic houses of Georgetown will be in another post.

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  1. Wonderful shots! I lived in Georgetown for four years so I've either been in or by these places many times.


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