Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lost Art of Reading Books

I'm an avid reader of magazines, and websites, especially blogs.  It takes a good book for me to get hooked and then dedicate the time.  However, during the past month I wasn't able to get on the computer very much so I caught up on my magazine stack that was growing due to yard sales and Peddler's mall.  Once I was off medication and could focus better, I also caught up on the stack of books I found & collected for 50¢ or less.  My one hand did tire of holding the book, so when I was able to use both hands, I got a lot more reading done.

In a month's time I've read 5 books and now I've started on the 6th.  I usually do good to get one or 2 books read a year.
 Note: Lynn Hightower lives/ed in Lexington, KY.  Didn't know this until I got into the book.  The setting is in Cincinnati.  Found the Cape Cod book after our trip there on the 400 mile yard sale.  Weatherman was acquired simply because as a farm girl, I have learned to watch the weather and have always love meterology.  The other 2 books were super cheap and a very quick read although The Measure of a Lady turned out to be historical fiction about the beginning days of San Fransisco.

Thank goodness for the nice weather.  I wasn't confined to the inside of the house totally.  This is one of my favorite spots.  My house slippers end up on the table because that's where my feet usually land and the slippers slip off.  Is that why they are called slippers?

The other place I read is on my couch.  This is the view from my couch.  The doors are opened as much as possible .  Yep, there is no screen door.  Had the humming bird, who makes his rounds to my red flowers everyday,  to make a visit inside the house yesterday.  Don't know if he'll ever slow down enough for me to take his picture.
I've been enjoying the wind chimes on this warm, breezy day. 
Yeah, its not so bad being cooped up in a place like this.


  1. Fabulous view out the door. How relaxing. I also LOVE my humming birds and wind chimes. I sometimes go out in my pink robe. They think I'm a giant flower and fly up close to my face to check me out. They are amazing little birds.

    1. That would be great to get so close to Humming Birds. I'd say they have gained your trust.

  2. Did I miss something? I didn't know you have been ill. I hope you are feeling much better now and back to good health soon.
    Take care and enjoy your book reading.

    1. Yes Barb, back in August while attending our state fair, I tripped, fell & broke my arm and messed up an already frozen shoulder. . Yes, thank-you, I have made a lot of progress and feeling much better. Some days of pain still. Gradually getting use of my arm back.

  3. I enjoy reading too. I like to sit at the beach or anywhere I can find a nice quiet place.

    I saw that you get your books from garage sales. Have you heard of Free eBooks Daily? I follow them on Facebook and have gotten a bunch of free books.

    1. I did have a Barnes and Noble Nook tablet for about 6 months. During that time I had found some of these free book sites. I sold it thinking I might get a faster bigger something for web surfing and having done it. Didn't think I would miss the reader/web browser, but I have. Although, I still find a paperback travels worry free in my purse to the Dr. office. I don't have to plug in and charge up the book.

      I didn't know about the Free eBook sites which looks like it has several great recommendations. Thanks for the tip!


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