Sunday, April 8, 2012

Scavenger Hunt 4-8-12

This week's Sunday Scavenger Hunt List @ Ramblings & Photos includes:
  1. New  2.  Life    3.Fragrant    4.Pink    5.Obvious
I just read the rules more closely and found out these are supposed to be fresh pictures taken over the past week with except maybe for one.  I've been scavenging through my files and most of mine were not taken during the previous week.  So I guess I cheat.  It probably would take less time if I just took the picture.
Life (line)-b
Fragrant- Photo taken by Grand Daughter
Pink- taken @ Ashland in Lexington, KY
Obvious- all season, especially to people around Lexington and most of Kentucky.


  1. Love your fragrant adorable!

  2. Great shots! Your pink shot is so beautiful!!

  3. I love the composition in your picture of the egg! Such great contrast!

  4. Great shots - congrats on the championship!

  5. Great interpretations -really like your fragrant shot.


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