Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tornado Sucks My Daughter's Barn Out of the Ground

There used to be a large black barn in this picture that surrounded all of this equipment.
         On February 25, 2011 around 10:11 pm, an F1 tornado struck south central Ky and the local TV weather station said there was minor damage.  Excuse me!  There is a total barn missing in the picture above along with 3 other barns in the neighborhood.  Also, windows blown out in the house and a hole in the roof.  Minor Damage?  I don't think so.  The Tornado literally sucked my Daughter & Son-in-Law's barn out of the ground as if it were a big hand picking up a toy and proceeded to carry it by the side of the house on down through the country dropping a few pieces.   There was no debris at all where the barn used to stand. They really don't have a clue where the rest of the barn landed.   In the picture above, you can see the equipment and material that set in the barn and with the exception of a broken window in a truck, torn off mufflers, a piece missing from an auger and a few scattered pieces of lumber from the lumber pile, everything set untouched.  A nearby rooster in a wire cage, an old small shack and the grain bins were also untouched.
Some of the barn did land starting in the back yard & down to the side of the house.  You can see the hole in the roof that was repaired before the next rain came. The windows in the back bedrooms were blasted out just minutes after they had left the rooms and gone to the basement.   I wish they could hum and that guy or gal would pop up and be there like a good neighbor, but the Ins. folks can't get their till Monday, so they have to wait to start real roofing work & replacing windows.
More of the barn that landed in the yard.  Now where is the rest?

Lost the nice big tree.  No telling how old it was.  The house basically stands alone now.

 Like I said the barn was sucked out of the ground.  Only one support pole was left standing.  Now we aren't talking just a pole in the ground, we are talking set by concrete.  In the picture above you can see an indention where the suction of the pole removal caused the dirt to fall back into the hole.

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