Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Job

Mr. G means well.  After taking about 2 weeks on and off to paint and then another month to finish putting this bathroom together, I walked into it today to find white spackle spots all over the newly painted wall.  Mr. G had put up new towel racks that look beautiful and then proceeded to spackle around the edges where he took down the old.  Then he proceeded to fill in nail holes which I was going to let go for the moment until we totally gutted the room for remodeling later this winter.  Problem: I don't have touch up paint.  This was paint I mixed myself.  The chances of matching it so I can paint over the white spots....well, it looks like the whole bath will need to be repainted.  Makes me tired to think about it.  So far, every job he has done has created another job to be done.  Shew.  But I love him anyway.

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