Use of Quilts During the Civil War~ Study Guide

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Use of Quilts During the Civil War
Study Guide
You can use the internet links below to help you find answers.

  1. What years did the Civil War occur?
  2. Using your history book & internet resources, why do you think the Civil War happen?
  3. What was the Underground Railroad? Did it happen before, during or after the Civil War?
  4. How is it that quilts may have been an important tool for the success of the Underground Railroad?
  5. Draw and label 3 different quilt pattern blocks that might have been used to help the Underground Railroad. Label each.
  6. Would you or would you not conclude that quilts helped cause the Civil War? Support your answer with a reason.


    Secrets & Codes of the Underground Railroad

    Ask anyone their answers to these questions.  See if you get different views.

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