Setting up Sewing Machines & Machine Orientation

Finally the day we got to set up our sewing lab.

1. Discuss protocol to be used in the sewing lab i.e. where to store book bag and materials brought to the lab, what to bring to the sewing machine tables, etc.
2. For evaluation purposes through observation, have each student set up the sewing machine they choose to work on.  Each machine is to be removed from containers and plugged into a power source.
3. Provide each student with a generic diagram of a sewing machine.  On front of paper a labeled diagram and on the back a blank page to be labeled. Labeled Worksheet    email for blank worksheet 
4.  Provide time for students to locate the labeled items on their machine.  Then call out an item for students to identify by placing finger on piece.
5.  Finally protocol is to unplug all machines. (This building has been struck by lightening more than once with several electronics & appliances being destroyed.)

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