How to Draw Quilt Block Designs Using Graph Paper

 Examples of block designs I have drawn in my journal.
Most are designs I've found in books or online
and want to save for possible use later.

 A design that was changed in size to 12½ inches.
Notes on how to make different parts &
how much fabric is needed.

 Sometimes a quick layout of a whole quilt is drawn
just to see how design would work.
Decide the measurement each block would represent,
whether it would be realistic or representative.

Draw a square that is 12 blocks squared.
This will represent a 12 inch block.

 Divide the square into 9 equals squares.

 When drawing a diagonal,
make sure line is drawn through each corner.

 Label with name and 
if it was believed to be used in the Underground Railroad,
explain it's message it was to relay.
 Quickly color in to show a pattern.
A lot of time doesn't need to be spent on coloring in accurately.

6 designs will fit on a full sheet of paper.
Example of copying a design.
This coloring is ok because a design of color can be determined.
However, it is a design that is not accurate at all.
When lines are NOT drawn exactly on the graph,
it's hard to tell the exact measurement of each piece.

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